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Wellview Health Personalities

Healthy for Life personalities are the most proactive when it comes to their wellness, investing what is necessary toward their health and appearance. This personality likes to stay on top of their health with regular check-ups, health screenings, and research. Healthy for Life personalities are also task-oriented and will tackle a challenge if they are given measurable goals.

Open to Options personalities are generally proactive in their health and are wellness-oriented. This personality appreciates a variety of ideas, sources of information, and treatment options when it comes to health. Open to Options profiles tend to be more independent, defining for themselves what success looks like in their health.

For the Family profiles tend to have a lot going on in their lives! Because of all these responsibilities, they may not take the time to invest in their own well-being and preventive care. On the flip side, For the Family personalities are very proactive people when it comes to their family’s health, or the health of their teams.

Doctor Knows Best personalities believe their physician and other healthcare professionals are the most credible resource for their health needs and they look to them for their expertise and credentials. Their character traits make them more likely to go to the doctor at the first sign of concerns. However, they often struggle to work healthy living recommendations into their routine.

Life for Today personalities live in the “here and now” and believe there are more important things to focus on than improving their health for the future. They are not necessarily unhealthy, but they do what they like and are less likely to change their habits. They are self-reliant people and can withstand anything life throws at them, going to the doctor only when they absolutely must.