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Healthy Weight

Start Your Journey to Long Term Health and Happiness

Wellview can support your weight loss goals -  no matter how big or small - with access to specialists, meal planning tips and recipes, easy exercises, and much, much more!
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Don't do it alone! Long-term weight loss is more likely to be achieved with a partner.

As challenging as it can be to lose weight, it is often more difficult to keep it off for good. Having an accountability partner is proven to make a difference in long-term weight loss management.

With Wellview’s Healthy Weight Solution, your Health Advisor will be your coach and partner in your weight loss journey and help you overcome your challenges. Together you will create a personalized plan just for you, as well as identify lifestyle changes that can create long-term health results.

When you join Wellview's healthy weight service, you can expect the support you need to lose weight for good.

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Access to specialists like Registered Dietitians and Personal Trainers

Healthy eating and exercise plans for all experience levels from the experts.

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Personal Health Advisor relationship

Accountability and encouragement to achieve your goals and maintain your new healthy weight.

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Support for your lifestyle

Strategies for stress management, better sleep, and work/life balance that work for you and your family’s lifestyle and health condition.

Download our FREE Healthy Eating Guide with healthy recipes and sample meal plans created by Wellview Health Advisors!

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  • “Thank you! Being able to speak to a doctor and have a prescription called in without having to go to Urgent Care was a lifesaver. I am 100% happy with this service and will absolutely do it again.”

  • “As a mother with young kids, I cannot express how helpful this was and still is for my family. It saved me $60 in copays just today. It saved me from exposing my kids to additional illness in a doctor's office. I am excited to continue using Wellview TeleMedicine for my family's medical needs."

  • "It took like 5 minutes from start to finish. Very friendly and helpful. They called a prescription in to my pharmacy that I’ll pick up on my way home. Saved me from having to leave work and lose pay. This was wonderful!”