Talk to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment of:

Sinus Infection
Pink Eye
Body Injury
Sore Throat
Bladder Infection
Muscle or Joint Pain
Strep Throat

How it Works

  • “Thank you! Being able to speak to a doctor and have a prescription called in without having to go to Urgent Care was a lifesaver. I am 100% happy with this service and will absolutely do it again.”

  • “As a mother with young kids, I cannot express how helpful this was and still is for my family. It saved me $60 in copays just today. It saved me from exposing my kids to additional illness in a doctor's office. I am excited to continue using Wellview TeleMedicine for my family's medical needs."

  • "It took like 5 minutes from start to finish. Very friendly and helpful. They called a prescription in to my pharmacy that I’ll pick up on my way home. Saved me from having to leave work and lose pay. This was wonderful!”

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