Mental Health Support

Support and healing for every stage of life.

Wellview Mental Health Specialists can provide support for anything you may be struggling with through convenient access, one-on-one sessions, and self-care resources. You don’t have to wait to feel “sick enough” to seek help. Prevent a mental health concern from becoming an illness by speaking with someone now – if you want help, you deserve to get it.

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Overcoming Trauma or Life-Altering Experiences

Support for survivors of life-altering traumas or experiences, such as abuse, harassment, or a major diagnosis.

If you need support in this area, try speaking with Elizabeth, Eva, Dammeon, Daniel, Teresa, Yajaira, or Danielle.

Building Healthy Relationships

Support for those seeking couples therapy, or people dealing with parenting struggles and interested in building a better family system.

If you need marital support, try speaking with Lorraine, Teresa, Koren, Roma, or Richard.
If you need family and parenting support, try speaking with
Aaron, Stephanie, Yajaira, Lindsay, or Danielle.

Becoming a New Parent

Having a baby impacts everyone. We’re here for support around postpartum depression and any perinatal mental health needs.

If you need support in this area, try speaking with Teresa, or Yajaira.

Addressing Moods and Emotions

Support for those dealing with anxiety, depression, or burnout, as well as people experiencing grief.

If you need support in this area, try speaking with Roma, Koren, Stephanie, Dammeon, Elizabeth, or Lorraine.

Substance Abuse and Addictive Behavior

Support for reliance and addiction on everything from alcohol and drugs to nicotine and overeating.

If you need support in this area, try speaking with Curlisha, Namasine, Richard, or Reb.

Mindfulness and

Support for building self-esteem, creating personal boundaries in all areas of your life, or starting a mindfulness practice.

If you need support in this area, try speaking with any of our Mental Health Specialists.

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  • “Counseling has helped me make positive changes in my life, given me some great information, and helped me through some tough times in my personal and professional life. Wellview has a great team of folks!"

  • "Through working with Wellview I can truthfully, finally say I am engaged with my life today and so grateful for all that I have. I know not just the importance of self-care but how to live a healthy lifestyle. [My Mental Health Specialist] has really helped me process and move forward from traumatic events I experienced earlier in life. He has really challenged me and provided great recommendations."

  • "I needed help navigating my anxiety and emotions during an exceptionally difficult phase of life. I have found validation for the hard things I'm walking through, encouragement to be vulnerable, and the importance of being honest with myself. I am gaining a depth of understanding that leads me to empathy, instead of anger. Wellview has thrown me a life-line in every sense of the phrase!"