Andrew Jacobs


Health Advisor, Personal Trainer

With over five years of coaching experience and hundreds of hours working with individuals in one-on-one and group engagements, Andrew is a seasoned advocate for change. He has worked professionally in a variety of settings,including virtual healthcare, business development, personal training, and lifestyle behavior management.

Andrew is warm and approachable, eager to connect with others and provide a space where they can feel heard and supported. Members of the Wellview team refer to him as “coach calm” for his gentle and caring presence. He believes that true wellness is achieved first by cultivating a deeper relationship with ourselves - one that clarifies, accepts, and promotes our deepest wants and needs - and from that place, designing a plan that addresses the parts of our lives that matter most.

Andrew is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a Certified Health Coach (CHC) and Presence-Based Coach. He owns his own private practice where he helps individuals set and achieve goals in their working and personal lives and is most passionate about coaching others into showing up more authentically in the world. When he’s not working, you can find Andrew out on the trails in Asheville, North Carolina with his wife and two pitbulls or pulling up a chair with close friends at a local brewery.

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