Ann Strader


Health Advisor

Ann has a background volunteering with individuals and groups to help focus on team organization skills, leadership development, training, and problem resolution. She has experience in the areas of health, nutrition, and the gut/brain connection and specializes in mindfulness and meditation practices and working with women of any age who are going through a major life transition. Ann believes in the health of the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—and that when we are balanced in these areas, there is a greater likelihood we will feel alive to our fullest potential. She is passionate about helping her participants find the right balance and encouraging them to be their best authentic selves. Ann has an M.Ed in Counseling, is a certified yoga instructor, and is certified through Duke Integrative Medicine and the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches.

What does health and well-being mean to you?

I believe eating healthy, moving your body, having strong relationships, and knowing yourself is the key to living life to its fullest.  I want to help everyone live the best their life has to offer them.

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