Charles Burrage


Personal Trainer

Charles has nearly three decades of experience in the health and well-being industry, having extensive knowledge in the areas of personal fitness, sports nutrition, weight loss, and strength and conditioning for competition. He has worked professionally in corporate, commercial, and clinical fitness settings.

Charles is highly relational, a great listener, and passionate about teaching while also inspiring others to achieve lifestyle changes that lead to better health and wellness. He believes that the path to a healthy life begins with the next step, and he will support you to accomplish all your goals in a caring, collaborative, and empowering way.

Charles holds a Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and a Doctorate degree in education, along with certificates in strength and conditioning and sports nutrition. In his spare time, Charles enjoys spending time with family and friends. He loves everything 80’s (movies, music, etc.) and every chance he gets, he can be found watching a sporting event or reading with the purpose of learning something new.

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