Heather Fuselier


Health Advisor

Heather earned her nickname “Healthy Heather” from her enthusiasm to enable everyone around her to live healthy, balanced lives. As a Health Advisor, she enjoys supporting her participants to discover authenticity, connect with their life values, and manage their health and well-being within the bigger picture of their lives. She will climb over mountains to help someone quit smoking or to support a participant in avoiding type 2 diabetes. As a personal trainer and running coach, you can turn to Heather for guidance on getting started with strength training, beginning a running program, or incorporating exercise into a busy schedule!

As a lifelong Southerner, Heather enjoys the challenge of weaving healthy habits into a food-centered culture. On her own health journey, Heather embraces a vegetarian diet, runs marathons for fun, and is still working on establishing a stretching habit! She enjoys hiking tall mountains, paddling still waters, writing, and recording her lighthearted and joy-filled podcast.

Heather is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist, a Certified Running Coach, and a Certified Personal Trainer. She has also earned a certificate as a Diabetes Paraprofessional Level 1. After establishing a private health coaching practice in 2011, she joined the Wellview Care Team in 2016.

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