Marjorie Jarrett


Registered Dietitian

Marjorie has been a dietitian for over 25 years and continues to love helping others work towards healthy lifestyles. She started her dietetics career in clinical nutrition in a hospital setting and later worked in a health and wellness facility, where she found her love for guiding others to develop and live out their wellness visions. Marjorie also has a background in outpatient care, wellness for children and families, private health coaching, public diabetes care for the health department, and she has worked as a Clinical Nutrition Manager in the acute care setting.


What does health andwell-being mean to you?

Envisioning yourself at your best level of health and wellness, while establishing goals to work towards that vision is a cornerstone in living out a healthy lifestyle. Wellness encompasses our habits with food, exercise, stress management,as well as our mindset. Staying positive, celebrating the small and bigger victories with our wellness goals, along with overcoming challenges, keeps us moving forward and growing in each aspect of our lives to daily improve our well-being overall.

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