Nicco Turner

Health Advisor

Nicco has a passion for health and wellness and the belief that each person should be able to live their best life. She has over 20 years of experience in social services and health education, working with diverse populations and underserved communities. These experiences solidified the understanding of meeting people where they are and knowing where you start is not where you have to finish. Nicco hopes to empower and motivate people to make positive changes by focusing on all aspects of their lives, including individual, behavioral, cultural, and social. Her practice creates a balance that establishes relationships based on respect, cooperation, empathy, and trust, thus creating an environment that promotes and encourages change. After completing her Master of Arts in Holistic Health Education at John F. Kennedy University in 2010, Nicco followed her passion for food and became a Certified Natural Chef in 2011. She hosted a series called “Cooking on the Corner” to showcase how to cook produce from a local farmer’s market on a community corner using less than five ingredients. Nicco also has a certification in Health Coaching. She practices yoga, meditation, movement, and cooking in order to stay grounded and find balance in her own life.

What does health and well-being mean to you?

The place where the mind, body, and soul are balanced and at peace.

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