2020 At-Home Boot Camp

Jan 24, 2020
At Home Boot Camp|at-home-boot-camp

So many people will start the year 2020 thinking, “New year, new me.” However, there is always something that seems to interject, becoming a distraction from this focused mindset. These are things like illness, family obligations, new work projects, etc.But don’t lose focus. This 2020 workout is designed to be done anywhere, anytime with no equipment other than you and your energy.

2020 At-Home Boot Camp Workout

Simply repeat as many times as possible, ideally within 20 minutes but start at your own pace! Click the name of the workout for an instructional video.

  1. 20 jumping jacks
  2. 20 high knees
  3. 20 burpees
  4. 20 body squat
  5. 20 inch worm
  6. 20 Superman
  7. 20 push-up
  8. 20 mountain climbers
  9. 20 pass through
  10. 20 in and out squats
  11. 20 elbow to palm walk
  12. 20 plank knee to elbow taps-same to same
  13. 20 squat to alternating rear lunge
  14. 20 shoulder taps
  15. 20 plank knee to elbow taps (opposite to opposite)
  16. 20 squat hops
  17. 20 sit ups
  18. 20 crunches
  19. 20 bicycles
  20. 20 Russian twist

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