4 Essential Oils to Fend Off Sick Season

Sep 21, 2016

4 Essential Oils to Help Avoid the Cold & Flu

Inhale. Exhale. For thousands of years, people harnessed the power of essential oils. Aromatic plants produce these oils and have found in Ancient Egypt and they are speculated to have been used by the Chinese many years prior to the evidence in King Tut’s Tomb. Various other societies such as Arabia, Israel, Rome, Greece, and Europe have also discovered the numerous applications for essential oils. Today, therapeutic grade oils are proving to scientists, researchers, medical professionals and every-day people like you and I the remarkable benefits of their use. Each essential oil can be applied medicinally in various ways including topically, internally and/or aromatically depending on the ailment. One particular use that some of several essential oils have provided evidence of is body and immune support. Thus trying these special oils may prove to have rather impactful benefits for you and yours during this “sick season.”


1. Frankincense

Common uses include Immune system support, asthma, MRSA, wrinkles, warts, ulcers, viruses of nerves, mental fatigue, memory, breathing, infection of wounds, inflammation, arthritis, coughs, depression, Parkinson’s, etc. Use this oil topically without dilution, in capsule form, or with 1-2 drops under the tongue, diffused and/or inhaled. Frankincense helps improve skin, emotional balance and both the immune and nervous systems.

2. Cinnamon

Common uses include immune system support as well as bacterial and fungal infections, diabetes, breathing, insect bites or stings, pancreas support, physical fatigue, etc. Apply topically with dilution using a carrier oil, diffused with caution, and used as flavoring in cooking. Cinnamon has a great affect on the immune system.

3. Oregano

Common ailments that oregano can treat include immune system support, athlete’s foot, pneumonia, staph and viral infections, MRSA, warts, canker sores, inflammation, etc. You should use it topically with dilution using a carrier oil, taken by mouth in capsule or 1-2 drops under the tongue, diffused and/or inhaled and used as flavoring in cooking. You'll see improvements to the immune and respiratory systems, as well as with your muscles and bones.

4. Rosemary

Rosemary can be used for immune system support, addiction, cancer, cellulite, worms, diabetes, low blood pressure, osteoarthritis, headaches, kidney infections, etc. You can apply it topically without dilution, by mouth in capsule or a 1-2 drops under the tongue, diffused and/or inhaled and used as flavoring in cooking. Rosemary has shown signs of improvement for the immune, nervous and respiratory systems.

So, oil up --- and beat this sick season!


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