4 Family Fitness Ideas for the Holidays

Dec 17, 2021

Fitness does not always have to look like you stepping out the door and heading to the gym every day. Instead, let’s get a little creative for the holidays to include the family while staying on top of your fitness goals. So put on your exercise gear for these creative family focused workouts!

AlphaBet U won’t make it to Z

What do I need? A dice with letters or this random letter generator wheel

Activity: One family member at a time rolls the dice (or wheel). The family member yells out an exercise or movement, that starts with the selected letter with a number of reps to perform. The entire family must perform the exercise for the reps chosen by the family member. Once complete, the next member rolls the dice. Repeat as many rounds as desired or the entire alphabet. Feel free to make your alphabet exercises a little holiday-themed.

Tag, you’re it

What do I need? A partner, a whiteboard or piece of paper, and a timer.

Activity: Choose 5 -10 exercises from the list, and select a number of reps that each member of the family can perform comfortably and safely. Write the exercises and reps on your whiteboard and place it in the middle of the partners so that all members can see. To set up, stand at least 10-15 feet across from your partner. Start the timer. Partner 1 of each group begins performing the exercise while partner 2 jogs or marches in place. Once partner 1 has completed the exercise reps, he/she will run to tag partner 2 on the shoulder. Partner 2 then runs back to partner 1’s spot and performs the exercise while partner 1 remains in partner 2’s spot, and now marches or jogs in places. Repeat this tag cycle until all exercises are complete. Once complete, both partners must sprint to the whiteboard and paper to write down their time for completion of exercises for reps. Don’t forget to have fun!

Smell the Roses (or holly or pine)

What do I need? Nothing, just the family and possibly some really fun Holiday PJs.

Activity: Get some fresh (possibly cold) air and go for an hour-long walk in your Holiday PJs. Don’t forget to stop to smell the roses giving thanks for the day, and be sure to take a picture to remember this special time of year.


What do I need? Your singing voice, position markers, and printed lyrics to Frosty the Snowman (or another family favorite Holiday song).

Activity: All family members line up in a straight line ready to perform exercises together except for the singer who takes the stage in front of the family no less than 10 feet away in the center of the line. You get to decide whether the oldest or youngest family member starts as the singer. Before the singer starts he or she must yell out an exercise pose for the family members in line to freeze and hold for as long as it takes him or her to sing the song. Once complete, the next in line of age must jog and tag the singer on the forehead in order to take over the singer position. The singer runs back in line as the he/she yells out the next exercise or pose to hold. Repeat until all family members have had a chance to sing or as many times as possible. 

Fitness can be fun especially while spending time with family during the holidays! Do you have a family fun physical activity that makes you laugh and smile? Share your ideas with us and you may be featured in one of our upcoming posts. Just email your idea along with name and location to We look forward to hearing from you!

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– Casey Edmonds, CHWC, CPT, CMS

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