4 Ways to Never Miss a Workout

Jan 29, 2021

Have you daydreamed about how awesome it would feel to workout every day, and yet you haven't been able to actually make a move? That was me last year. While I love working out, I struggled to develop a routine that I was able to stick to. What I became profoundly aware of is a goal without a plan will more than likely fail. I have found that if I create a basic plan and write down what I am going to do to complete my goals, success is not lost on me. Thus, I have created a few tips that have made it possible for me to stick to a workout routine, even when life gets crazy. 

Establish Why: Why is exercise important to you? Perhaps you want to have more energy to keep up with your kids or you want to sleep better? Write this down. Make your why personal. If you don’t write down why you want to exercise, your motivation will wax and wane as life gets busy.


Do Something You Enjoy: Whatever you do, find an activity that you like. For example, if you like dancing but you want to increase your lean body tissue, find a dance class that has HIIT components. During HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, you will see progress when it comes to developing muscle tone. If you are having fun with your workouts, you will look forward to them rather than dread a workout. 

Establish Accountability: When I was training for a 1/2 marathon, I ran with a group one time a week and with a friend a couple times a week. When I was feeling tired or unmotivated to workout, my friend encouraged me not to skip and to keep going. If none of your friends workout, ask your Wellview Health Advisor, Personal Trainer, or Dietitian for accountability. When you have someone checking in with you, you will be less likely to forgo a workout when things come up. 

Make an Exercise Appointment: Make your workout an appointment in your calendar. You wouldn’t skip an appointment with your boss or co-worker, would you? Give your workouts the same honor and respect. Give yourself 60 days to establish a new habit, and then revise it once you have created some new routines for yourself. Each day will get easier the more consistent you are!

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JoAnn Gruener RD, CDE

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