5 Minutes to a Healthier Heart

Feb 12, 2021

Got 5 minutes? Then you’ve got time to improve your heart health.

Whether you’re between rapid-fire Zoom calls or trying to slow down the pace of your day, it can be easier than you think to take care of your heart. And, with your ticker being connected to just about everything your body does during the day, that’s a pretty good deal.

Here are five quick things you can do to give yourself some TLC as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Add some weight

No, not body weight. Pick up some dumbbells or a resistance band and do some strength training! Weight training can help lower high blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels and help control blood sugar levels, and it can be done in small increments throughout the day.  By increasing lean muscle tissue and decreasing fat tissue in the body, it may also help boost your metabolism to help you maintain a healthy weight, which is great for your heart. (Ask your Wellview Health Advisor for exercises you can do at your desk!)

Sneak in a burst of activity

Ideally, daily, regular exercise will support your heart health throughout the week. But if you just have a few minutes here and there, get moving. Set a timer for each hour and get up to move for five minutes for every 60 minutes you spend sitting. For more benefit, keep going: your heart benefits from short bursts of activity, such as 10 to 15 minutes at a stretch, with the goal of accumulating 150 minutes a week. 

Get to bed a bit earlier

You may not think that five minutes of sleep would make much of a difference, but gradually moving your bedtime earlier can yield big results over time! Without enough sleep, your risk for heart disease and heart attack goes up, even if you are otherwise healthy. 

Schedule a checkup

Telehealth and health coaching benefits make it easier than ever to stay in touch with your vital health numbers. Are you due for a checkup? Schedule a doctor’s appointment and a health advising session today for a quick look at how you’re doing. It’s time well spent!


Even just five minutes of practicing mindful meditation can help to slow your resting heart rate, lower your blood pressure, decrease pain, ease depression, and improve mental clarity. When you find yourself with five minutes between meetings or tasks, resist the temptation to jump on social media and get some zen time instead.

A healthier heart is easier than you think! Take five minutes today to give yourself some TLC.

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Heather Fuselier, CHWC, CFP, TTS

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