A Deliciously Vegan Meal On The Go

Oct 19, 2020
Healthy Eating
Brown rice|vegan-rice-and-beans

As a dedicated, Southern vegetarian, I am always looking for healthy, quick, and affordable meal options for my busy days on the go. It's especially exciting if you can find fresh tomatoes, squash, corn, zucchini, green beans, and peppers. After a couple of trial meals with my homegrown veggies, this one is by far one of my favorites!

Mexi-Veg Brown Rice and Beans

When I am busy traveling for work I like to meal prep in advance, but I realize that we all do not have that luxury. This recipe is great as both a pre-made meal that you can heat up, or for those of you who don’t have any meal prep time, but do have a quick five minutes to throw it together.


1 serving size

  • 1 cup brown rice (you can steam in advance or purchase the individual serving size microwaveable cups) - 216 calories
  • ½ cup black beans (prep in advance or purchase low-sodium canned black beans) - 109 calories
  • 1 cup fresh diced veggies of your choice (I like tomatoes, green bell peppers, and onions) - 75 calories
  • 1 tbsp taco seasoning - 10 calories


  • Combine all cooked and prepped ingredients in one medium-sized bowl and stir until well mixed.
  • Enjoy!

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