A Healthy Weight Success Story

Nov 20, 2019

Wellview Health specializes in individualized consumer care. Through programs such as Healthy Life and Healthy Weight, at-risk and low-risk individuals alike are paired with a Health Advisor to support his or her personal health journey, no matter how long it may be. Healthy does not always come easy, and Wellview Health takes their commitment to its participants seriously. Our clients have achieved up to 91% consumer engagement, and we have maintained a 99% consumer satisfaction rating. Our providers seek to give expert support, advice and encouragement every step of the way. Wellview Health wants to celebrate the healthy journeys of people like YOU. Abbey Benson, a Marketing Assistant from Athens, Georgia, has experienced huge success along her journey. Here is her story…

February 7th is when I officially began my journey...I had been thinking about making changes in my exercise and nutrition for what felt like forever, but something finally shifted. I looked at myself in the mirror and knew that something needed to change NOW! I did not know where to begin or how I was going to do it.With my motivation higher than it has ever been and the help of my Health Advisor to keep me focused, I began to put action into my plan. I learned to let go of my fear of being judged by others and started using the workout room at my office. At first I started with just three days. I kept clothes under my desk, looked up videos on YouTube to get motivated, and began counting my calories.My journey deepened in April. This is when I started cycling with a coworker/friend. We held each other accountable to meet at her house before work four days a week to go for at least a 3-mile ride in her neighborhood. The mix up was just what I needed! By the time May came, I had physically trained and mentally prepared for one of the biggest challenges in front of me: a 15 mile bike ride from Elberton to Bowman! This was the furthest I ever planned to bike. With my accountability partner and several other co-workers by my side, I did it! It was a fun and exciting stepping stone in my journey. At this point, I was down 10 lbs and I actually wanted to keep cycling.
Fast forward to today (November), I am 25 lbs lighter and committed to a consistent workout routine of four to five days a week. Knowing that I am going to have a monthly chat with my Health Advisor helps me stay focused on the healthy and happy life that I deserve to live both mentally and physically. Staying conscious of making healthier food choices, remaining consistent with my workouts, and the gentle reminder that this journey is for ME has all been key to my success.Years ago, I did not know where to start, but with the help of my Health Advisor, I developed the simple action plan that got me to this very moment. I can now celebrate one of my greatest accomplishments to date and honestly, I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHERE I AM THIS TIME NEXT YEAR!— Abbey Benson, Marketing Assistant, Pinnacle Bank

CONGRATULATIONS ABBEY! You are a true inspiration!Are you inspired by Abbey too? Join her and others through our Healthy Life and Weight Program.

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