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Apr 26, 2018
Every time I ask a crowd what they think of when they think of the word HEALTHY, Someone always responds FITNESS (or something related).

To be FIT means that you are in physically well condition, enough so to perform a particular task at hand. This could mean that you have the strength to lift something heavy and move it or endure a long day of cardiovascular intense work, such as walking a lot or running around. To be fit could also mean that you are flexible enough to bend over and pick something up without injuring yourself or that your body weight is within a healthy, manageable range. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that on average, a healthy adult should get at least 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise per week including cardiovascular, flexibility and strength training.

Let’s look at the HUGE positives you could see in your life if you committed to just 30 minutes, five days a week of physical activity! Decreases Risk of Chronic Illnesses Maintaining a regular physical activity regimen can reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke and obesity. The AHA shares, exercise: “Prevents and manages high blood pressure,Reduces coronary heart disease in women by 30-40 percent, Reduces risk of stroke by 20 percent in moderately active people and by 27 percent in highly active ones, Establishes good heart-healthy habits in children and counters the conditions (obesity, high blood pressure, poor cholesterol levels, poor lifestyle habits, etc.) that lead to heart attack and stroke later in life….”Maintains Endurance and EnergyExercise increases your blood flow which enhances your cardiovascular health. In turn this increases the oxygen and blood throughout the body which produces more energy to do the task at hand for longer periods of time.

Boosts Mental Health Being involved in a fitness related routine can rid of stress, anxiety, depression and tension. Furthermore, the literature supports that exercise has been shown to improve symptoms of PTSD, ADHD and other trauma or attention deficit related health issues.( On the flipside you can benefit from a sweaty mood-booster that can leave you feeling more confident in yourself. Better SleepWe all know what it feels like to get a good night's rest. Well physical activity can actually help regulate and improve your body’s sleep patterns. Getting in some cardiovascular exercise like a quick jog can help wake you up in the morning, while doing flexibility and relaxation exercises like yoga can help you relax in the evenings before bed. The reasons for making FITNESS a part your lifestyle foundation is insurmountable. What positive things have you noticed since picking up a regular exercise routine?Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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