A Mother's Superpower: LOVE

May 13, 2020

Love is a parenting superpower. Dads and Moms have to be told to put the oxygen mask on themselves first, or they would never do it! Moms and Dads are equally amazing, for different reasons, but since we just celebrated Mother’s Day, you dads will need to wait your turn.Moms love the tiny humans they give birth to in ways that are beyond normal! Moms are the most generous human beings on the planet, usually giving out of their own need to provide for and protect the tiny human. They will do anything, and I mean anything to care for them. Starting with the child in her womb taking over her body, her emotions, her diet, her bladder, and her life (both now and forever) are for her child. Mom’s life gives her child life. No mom, no life. The child is completely, utterly, continuously dependent on mom. Her child cannot survive without her. (We could joke here about this being never-ending, but more on that later.) The mother is the child’s host. It is a guest in the house; usually, a very welcome and highly anticipated guest! The child’s source of strength and health comes from mom. There is much research to support the child’s awareness as they grow; feeling, sensing, and hearing support, love, and acceptance. This is a miracle that we cannot fully understand.

A wise mother eats nourishing foods because she knows it nourishes the growing child. She avoids certain foods and beverages that could bring harm because she is fully aware that the child is depending on her for strength and health. From the air mom breathes to the activities mom engages in, it is no longer about mom alone; it is about the two of them. They are one. Together, inseparable for 9 months. Even together in labor, both are doing their part in the miracle of childbirth. Both are enduring the physical experience, but both equally are enjoying the powerful moment of holding each other close. When our baby is placed skin to skin on our belly following birth, it is a feeling most of us never, ever forget, and wouldn’t want to if we could. It’s messy; it is all messy, but it is a holy mess. There will likely be more messes as the child grows, and moms really get used to cleaning them up. Moms are doers, drivers, schedule keepers, housekeepers, cooks, bakers, teachers, party throwers and goers, shoppers, bathers, hairdressers, home decorators, counselors, nurses, and so much more. Moms focus on the Who, What, Where, When, and How for each child’s daily life. Who needs what, where, when, and how to get it done. Behind all of the job descriptions, workload, to-dos lists, and overwhelming schedules to keep is the “WHY” behind it all. The why is the foundation for all they do for their beloved children. Love. Mom’s ultimate superpower is love. When the going gets tough, and the road seems hard, step back and remember why you do what you do for these tiny (or not so tiny) humans that you brought into the world.

Mom Facts:

  • Average age for first-time moms is 25 (21 in 1970)
  • Moms today average 2 kids (1950s: 3.5 kids; 1700s: 7-10 kids)
  • 4.3 babies are born each second
  • Most children: Mrs. Vassilyev of Russia gave birth to 69 children between 1725 and 1765
  • Oldest mom: Rosanna Dalla Corte gave birth to a baby boy when she was 63 years old in Italy in 1994
  • Heaviest Newborn: Signora Carmelina Fedele gave birth to a 22 lb 8 oz boy in Italy in 1955
  • Diaper Changes: 7,300 by baby's 2nd birthday
  • Diaper Changing Speed: Moms take 2 minutes, 5 seconds (adds up to 3 40-hour work weeks each year!)
  • Preschooler requires mom's attention once every 4 minutes or 210 times/day
  • Taking Care: Preschooler moms spend 2.7 hrs/day on primary childcare
  • Housekeeping: Women average 2.2 hrs/day, vs. 1.3 hrs/day for men
  • Laundry: 88% is done by moms, totaling 330 loads of laundry & 5,300 articles of clothing each year
  • Least Favorite Chore: Vacuuming the stairs

Wise Mothers Believe:

  • Being a good mother is the best occupation you can ever have.
  • The more a child is made to feel special, the more special they become.
  • Kindness is more important than perfection.
  • If you care, it shows.
  • It only takes a little achievement to be considered “outstanding” by a loving mom.
  • Choices made in adolescence may have long-term consequences, but a mother’s love can cover a multitude of sins.
  • The wealthy person is the one who’s content with what they have.
  • More comfort doesn’t necessarily mean more happiness.
  • Regardless of how little you have, you can always give comfort and encouragement.
  • Ultimately, takers lose, and givers win!
  • If your children feel safe, wanted, and loved, you are a successful parent.
  • You never appreciate a mother as much until you become one.
  • Being a grandparent is God’s compensation for growing older.
  • A full life is not determined by how long you live, but how well.
  • I still have a lot to learn!

We are thankful for all the amazing moms out there!

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