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Jan 19, 2018
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Good To the Core

Oftentimes we think of our core as the front abdominals only, but our core actually involves several muscles on our back, side body and around the pelvis. You can think of it as everything except our arms and legs or the trunk of the body. The major job of our core is to stabilize our body and protect our spine from injury.

To keep your back from working in overdrive, developing core strength is essential. Here are 3 things you can start doing right now to start toning your core and take care of your back.

core workout

1. Check your posture.

Throughout the day ask yourself, "Is my spine in it's natural alignment and can I feel my core muscles helping to hold me upright? Become aware of the position of your spine as much as possible to take pressure off back muscles that can get overworked.

2. Become friends with plank pose.

t works the entire core. Start with forearm plank and be sure to check your alignment stacking your elbows under your shoulders, dropping your knees to modify. Your core muscles should fire to hold your spine in a neutral position and avoid collapsing.

3. Breathe deeply.

This moves your diaphragm and strengthen deeper pelvic floor muscles. The pressure in the trunk of your body triggers the pelvic floor muscles to contract and therefore strengthen. This not only increases core strength but also maintains continence. Try taking deep breaths while standing in line or waiting at traffic lights.

Remember, your core is much more than your abs so it's just as important to work your side body and back body when you're exercising. When you bring balance into your core by strengthening all of these muscles, you set yourself up for a healthy, pain-free back and more confidence to participate in activities you may enjoy without risking injury.

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