Are You in Financial Survival Mode?

Oct 26, 2020
Financial Survival Mode|financial-survival-mode
We understand that this may be a time of financial uncertainty for many of us. In fact, one survey showed 88% of people said the pandemic is causing them financial stress.

As we reflect on our overall wellness, we cannot ignore the most integral part that financial wellness plays. Financial uncertainty can lead us to feelings of worry, anxiety, and even guilt. If you’re facing financial anxiety right now, you are not alone! Most people find themselves, at some point in life, living in their own form of financial survival mode.So where are you on your financial journey? Financial wellness, like physical fitness, begins with a willingness to change, the ability to clearly identifying goals and action steps, and continued perseverance as you walk out those steps.Our Accredited Financial Coaches will be your partner to help you confidently face financial decisions without anxiety. We can help you:

  • Understand your relationship with money
  • Define your financial goals and create an action plan
  • Identify barriers and create an accountability strategy
  • Prepare for the future with retirement planning
  • Continue ongoing support as your situation evolves

As always, we continue to meet you right where you are — whether you are overwhelmed with financial obligations, confused about budgeting, or simply longing for guidance about where to even start. We are here! Wellview Financial Coaches want to help you break out of survival mode and truly thrive.

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