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Aug 29, 2016
Healthy Eating
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Eat More Nuts!

Are you looking for a healthy snack that’s easy to snack on throughout the day? Why not choose a snack that is inexpensive, last long, and easy to take with you on the go. Nuts contain unsaturated fats and fiber that are good for you heart and also known for increasing HDL and lowering LDL cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart disease, and controlling your appetite. Nuts are a powerhouse of good nutrition, packed with protein, vitamin E, folic acid, magnesium, copper, and antioxidants.


If you're nuts about nuts and want to assure getting your "handful," here is some additional information on measuring amounts. REMEMBER: The FDA recommendation suggests up to 1.5 ounces of nuts daily or one and a half times a "handful." A handful equals about 1-ounce. This serving size corresponds to the the serving size listed on the "Nutrition Facts" panel on food labels. The Nutrition Facts label will also tell you how many 1-ounce servings there are per package.Some nuts have more heart-healthy nutrients and fats than others but if you're looking to follow a heart-healthy diet, then eating nuts is the way to go. Even though most nuts contain healthy fat, they still contain calories and should be eaten in moderation. Keep in mind that you will need to cut back on other saturated fats and follow a heart-healthy diet to achieve the cholesterol-lowering effects of eating nuts.Tip: You should be choosing nuts that are plain and avoid any that are covered in flavorings, chocolate, sugar, or salt.

Nutrients in 1 Oz (28 grams) of Shelled Tree Nuts & Peanuts


- Nathan Mikeska, BS, CPT, CHC

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