Be More Intentional

Aug 24, 2016

Being intentional is the starting point of organizing your mind. Having an organized mind allows you to be more intentional with your actions, thoughts, and emotions so you can jump head-first into living your life fully. When you set goals with intention, you are deliberately living your life with a purpose. You know who your goal involves, what you want within the goal, when you want to accomplish the goal, where you will be when accomplishing said goal, and how you will make it happen! Intentional living sets out for purpose but opens arms to self-discovery. It also takes risks that sometimes pull you out of your comfort zone, enables time to reflect and uncomfortably, and comfortably enjoys learning new things. With intention, you are on a journey where your goals are limitless and your final destination is where you to end up.


To become more intentional, begin by asking, "where is my mind right now?" Is that where you want your mind to be? Try the following tips and tricks to become more intentional. Photo: Entrepreneur

Think through things

Your mind’s CEO or organizer plays an important role in intention. To let your CEO do some tip-top thinking, try brainstorming various ways to complete a project, make a to do list, organize your desk, answer and delete emails, plan an event, write down directions to your house from work, or make a step by step honey-do list. Letting your mind think through tasks using a step-by-step method will help you feel more organized, diverse, and even agile.

Let your mind wander

Wandering makes up the flip side of our brain. Take the leash off your brain, and let yourself daydream a bit. Think about anything you want, but do not focus on anything in particular. Often times when we allow ourselves to drift a bit, a solution to a problem we have been thinking so hard on happens out of mid air. It’s kind of like magic!

Use your senses

Pay close attention to your external senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound alongside your emotions and physical sensations. Experience the world you live in fully. Go outside for a minute. Inhale. Exhale. Observe the sights, smells, sounds, temperature, and breeze. Are you thinking about something else, or are you simply living in the moment and allowing yourself to embrace your surroundings?

Focus on one sense

While you are standing outside focused on your senses, take another minute to truly hone in on just one. Perhaps you hear the birds in the tree next to you. Listen carefully. What does their song sound like? How loud or soft is it? Is it peaceful or disturbing? How many birds are there? Lean fully into one sense to fully experience your world. Allowing one sense to take over can improve your appreciation of your unique life and goals. This teaches us to focus on one thing at a time rather than bog ourselves down with various other distractions.

Get outside and let your mind wander. Photo: Popcorn & Pandas

Catch yourself

Have you ever done something without realizing it? It’s important to take time to essentially look in the mirror without judgement or reaction. Simply watch yourself, observe, witness, reflect, and experience. Approaching yourself with an open mind will help you self-coach in times of need and open up opportunities for self-reflection.

Use your imagination

Imagining a positive outcome or an improved future-self can increase your likelihood of committing to your goals and seeing them come to fruition. Imagining is intentional mind-wandering. Think of your childhood imaginary friend (or your sibling’s or friend’s). This imaginary friend was life-like. He could feel, talk, walk, jump, run, hide, taste, laugh --- he was alive! Imagine running that 5k you have been training for in the gym. Visualize the sweat dripping from your brow, feel the wind on your face, smell the freshly cut grass you are running past. With the power of imagination, your goals are bound to be met and you'll earn a life full of meaning!

Think you can

Just like the little engine that could, you can too! Henry Ford was on to something when he said, “Whether you think you can, or you can’t, either way, you are right.” Have confidence in what you do. Every step of the way, modify your goal to meet your abilities and skills but still allow it to challenge you. Project your confidence fully!

“Not all those who wander are lost.”


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