Build Your Wellness Wheel

Apr 6, 2016

Build Your Wellness Wheel: Making Time For Your Health

Have you ever noticed at the end of a day you were so busy that you realized you forgot to eat lunch? Or maybe you were supposed to meet up with a friend after work, but you cancelled because you had a deadline to meet or you were just too tired. I think all of us can relate to a similar scenario now and again which is what sparked the idea for this article.You may be familiar with a “wellness wheel” or possibly seen the idea in a magazine, but have you ever taken the time to really think about those pie pieces and how they apply in your own life? Have you really thought about the balance of each area and how it impacts your health? When you have some time, I challenge you to look at the different dimensions below and think about what it is that you do well in each area and how you fulfill each of those needs to feel complete. In the past, when I have done an exercise like this, it is very clear that I often give more focus to certain areas while some seem to fall by the wayside. To me, this is a good thing. It allows me to take a step back, have some self-reflection, and begin brainstorming ways that I can bring a better balance to my life. It also can be very rewarding in that I am able to recognize that I am fulfilled in many areas and happy with that success. What’s more, it can often lead to a new challenge or exciting new adventure that you might not have done otherwise.


To help you get started with the process and put your ideas to paper, there is a calendar below to help organize your thoughts and allow you to actually pencil in time for yourself. Maybe try adding one new task to your month or even week and build from there.


*Adapted from IDEA Health Fitness Journal July/August 2014

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