Bundle Up and Get Outside

Dec 29, 2017

The Benefits of Bundling Up and Getting Outside

As the temperature outside cools off, motivation to lace up our shoes, or boots, and brave the brisk outdoors can waiver. Winter, however, can be a great time to bundle up, breathe in the fresh air and appreciate our cozy comforts of hot beverages and heated seats! Especially during this time of year, it's important to remind ourselves of the tremendous benefits of bundling up and getting outside.


Consider these great benefits.

 1. Going outside in any season lifts your mood

Stepping into the expanse of the outdoors gives us a chance to put things into perspective and help clear our minds. We can get out of our thoughts and become more aware of what's around us. Put on your hat and gloves and walk around outside noticing the trees and sky. Feel the chilly air on your face, hear the sounds around you and take in all your surroundings. Bonus: Take a morning walk after a fresh snow and enjoy the peacefulness of the snow-covered terrain.


2. Exercising outside gives you energy

Moving around not only increases blood circulation throughout your body, it also gives you a boost in energy. Taking a brisk walk allow more oxygenated blood to reach your muscles and organs and rejuvenates us. Next time you're feeling sluggish, try doing a brief warm up inside like 10 standing squats to build internal heat then head out the door for second wind.


3. Getting outside helps us appreciate indoor comforts

In our daily lives, we can often overlook or ignore usual things like a warm meal, hot shower or a cozy blanket. When we can give up these comforts for a period of time, we learn to appreciate them more. There's something so rewarding about taking a long walk or run outside then heading inside to warm up with a warm bowl of soup or cup of hot chocolate to celebrate.

 There are many great reasons to layer up and head outside! Find what it is that motivates you even when it's chilly and remind yourself of this often. Winter doesn't have to stall your outdoor fun! =================================================================== We are also here to help! If you’re ready for support or want more information on getting outside, drop us an email or give us a call at 877-293-9355 ext. 0! – MARIA KUGLER, BBA, RYTHealth Advisor | Email Maria


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