Coping & Dealing With Guilt

Sep 11, 2019

Have you ever felt that internal pull of failure from a responsibility? That, my friend, is GUILT.

The reason a person feels guilt can stem from various personal experiences often associated with a sense of responsibility. It can be the guilt of a mother who allowed her son to play a football game in which he got hurt. It can be a child’s guilt who accidentally did something that her parents will be upset over. It can be the guilt of an employee for taking time off from work for a family vacation.There are many scenarios in which guilt can arise. If you want to learn more about where and how guilt arises, I highly recommend this podcast. Though guilt can be a healthy response to some situations, it is not in every scenario.

Avoid “shoulds.”

Choosing to use “should” is a way of taking on higher expectations or responsibility and unwanted self belief. Practice replacing this word with a more positive expressions.

Practice healthy boundaries.

As discussed in detail in the above podcast, boundaries allow you to divide up and define responsibility. In essence, you are saying, “ This here is mine and this over there is yours.”

Do not magnify an issue.

An important question to ask when you feel guilty is, “does the punishment fit the crime?” Often times, guilt enables a person to beat herself up, even in situations that do not warrant such punishment. Practice asking this question to determine if self punishment really is necessary.

Offer self-compassion.

Without a little self love and compassion, you are basically saying you are not worthy of the grace that is and should be extended to all human beings. No one is perfect. You will make mistakes. Love yourself through all learning curves in life, and it will all work out. Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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