De-Clutter Your Home

Oct 19, 2016

Simple Ways to De-Clutter Your Home

There are impressive individuals who seem to thrive with the motto of organized chaos. These people have desks piled high with papers but are able to pinpoint exactly where a specific document is. They have mail piles at home but are never late on a bill, etc. Unfortunately, I am definitely not one of these people. It's hard for me to relax, find anything, and feel organized without having my surroundings clean and tidy. There's nothing like coming home to counters cleared, beds made, clean smells and no piles of anything in sight.

The problem with this happens.

Between work, errands, family and friends and other events, it seems that even when I do a super clean on the house on Saturday, by Wednesday it looks like an explosion took place on the counters and in the laundry room. This is extra irritating to me because I grew up in a house that was eternally spotless (honestly you could eat off of the floor) and in hindsight, it seemed so easy for my mom. Granted, she actually LOVES to clean (she always says it is relaxing to her), but how she kept it in order, along with a job, cooking, laundry, kids,and taking care of her parents is simply beyond me! So, I finally decided to ask for tips and also look into one of my favorite magazines Real Simple for inspiration. Below are some of the tips that I have found to be most helpful when it comes to keeping an organized, clutter free and relaxing home space. I hope these help you keep that Zen space as well!


1. Empty, fold, and IMMEDIATELY put away laundry. I used to put it in a basket out of the dryer or lay it on our guest bed but then it usually sat there for a day or two. Doing it right away takes just a few minutes!2. Recruit family members to help! While you may feel the brunt of the home responsibilities, it really does make a difference to organize as a team. Try creating a “chore board” for the family. Give each person a couple of tasks on specific days of the week to stay on top of things!3. Organize your pantry. Try buying clear or metal bins to hold certain goods to keep the pantry overflow at bay. Place canned goods in one, spices and baking goods in another, and organize each shelf by categories. For example: 1: breads, pasta, chips, and cereals, 2: canned goods, soups, dry beans, etc. 3: paper goods, utensils, etc.4. Place a basket or hang a mail organizer near where you come home each day. This way you know where it is when you need it, it doesn’t pile high on the counter and you don’t lose those important documents.

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5. Create a cubby space for each person in your family (you can find reasonably priced hall trees with hooks, cubbies included at Target,, and or check out Pinterest for easy DIY designs) at the entrance of your home or in your “mud room” if you have one. This way, shoes, jackets, backpacks and keys stay in one place.6. Use clear bins to store summer/winter clothes and gear in the off seasons. This makes it easy to see what’s inside. Add a sharpie label on the top and sides or a strip of duck tape to make it extra easy.7. Look for inexpensive wall hooks at TJMaxx, Marshalls, or Home Goods to hang necklaces and bracelets for a cool design element and great organization.8. Check out the sites below for more inspiration or tools that will help you de-clutter your way to a stress free space!

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