Defeat the Weight Loss Plateau!

Sep 14, 2016

Defeat the Weight Loss Plateau!

It's always frustrating to see your progress halt even when you're following a plan diligently. Before you get upset, remember that this is normal! If you're not happy with the weight at which your body has plateaued, it's time for a reassessment! Let’s now try to understand why our bodies do this, and come up with a plan to defeat it.This plateau can occur for many reasons. Our bodies can actually grow accustomed to an eating or workout routine. If we get into the habit of doing the same workout and eating the same foods, our bodies will no longer produce the weight loss results we once saw. A way to over come this is to realize that our bodies need to be jump-started again!


Here are a few ideas:

  • Reassess your eating habits. Have you slacked any? We all know when we initially begin working on a goal, we hit the road running. But then, the truth is it's very easy for us to start cheating on our food choices. Stay focused on the weekend, and remember that alcohol does count to your calories!
  • Cut calories if you review your diet and realize you had more to eat at dinner the night before and went over your daily limit.
  • Switch up your work out routine! If you did the same task everyday, wouldn’t you get bored? Our bodies do too! Change your cardio routine, switch to a new piece of equipment, and add some new exercises. Get creative!
  • Make sure you are still eating small meals every two hours. This little tid bit is important in keeping your metabolism going. Even though it is very easy to eat a big satisfying meal, remember it slows your metabolism!
  • Try to pack in more activity outside of the gym. Park farther away, walk office to office to communicate instead of emailing or paging, and keep moving!!

Add a few of these ideas and get over the weight-loss plateau!

– Nathan Mikeska, BS, CPT, CHC

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