Device-Free Dinner

Aug 30, 2017

Unplug During Dinner

Do you have family dinners at home? Turns out, a lot of us no longer sit down around the table. But taking time to connect with your loved ones at the end of the day can be a time to unwind, feel loved and get back to basics. Have you ever thought about having a device-free dinner?Putting aside electronics during mealtime is one small step for connection. That means stepping away from the tablet, the smart phone and even turning off the TV (you could just turn off the sound) during mealtime.Dr. Anne K. Fishel, Psychologist and co-founder of the Family Dinner Project, says most American families are “starving” for time to spend together. She also cites studies suggesting that connecting over food is good for the brain and can lead to less depression and even a higher grade point average.

Device-Free Dinner

device-free dinner

One study found more benefits, including that having family dinners is connected to having children eat healthier food and be 12% less likely to be overweight. We know it’s pretty hard to connect with the person right next to you if you are watching “YouTube” or squeezing in one last work email.Just how Meatless Monday’s have taken off, what if we start a “Device-Free Dinner?” One of the main issues of health coaching clients is “I don’t have any time.” If you start to look at how much time you spend on your smart phone or on social media, you may free up some time for other things that are important to you. We are starting to see people take “fasts” from social media that tend to gobble up our time in an effort to create more space for other things. A device-free dinner with your family could be something that everyone can get in on. try putting the kids to work chopping vegetables and making decisions about what to serve!

In the US, we don’t have a lot of rituals. Having a device-free dinner with your family could be one way to restore a ritual and maybe even create a happier family.

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– Kelley Colihan Robertson, E-RYT

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