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May 28, 2018
Healthy Eating
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Afternoon Snacks Can Energize

When the home stretch of the workday is signaled by a growling stomach and your thoughts wander to what’s in the office vending machine, that’s a good sign. Yes, it means that your metabolism is humming away, doing its job, and giving you a clear sign that you need to stoke the fire with a snack. But, it’s not asking for a candy bar or a bag of chips. A filling, healthy snack with a good dose of carbohydrates, protein and fat is just what you need. Check out some of these office-friendly snacks that will get you through the afternoon.Keep it Simple with Fruit and NutsA sliced apple with one or two tablespoons of nut butter or a small handful of almonds or walnuts fits the bill for a quick snack that satisfies. Watch your portions, though; nuts pack some nutritional power, but the calories add up fast!

Upgrade Yogurt with Frozen FruitIf you have access to a fridge and freezer at work, stash away a cup of frozen blueberries to add to Greek yogurt. Skip the flavored variety and add your own sweetness with frozen berries. The protein-packed Greek yogurt will keep you full, and the fiber of the whole fruit upgrades the snack to something more substantial than your average cup of yogurt.Satisfy Your Crunch Craving with VeggiesCelery, carrots and sliced bell peppers are light and refreshing, and make a great snack when paired with hummus or guacamole. Look for single-serving packages to manage calories, and chop raw veggies and package on the weekend for grab and go convenience. Looking for something bigger? Put it all in a pita pocket for an afternoon sandwich snack.The key to a filling snack is to combine healthy portions of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Look for fresh fruits and vegetables for a snack that gives you the energy you need to do your best work and plant-based proteins like nuts and beans to keep you full through your commute.

The next time your stomach growls for a snack, feed it something fresh!

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