4 Exercise Tips for Working Moms

Jun 3, 2022

Hey mom, take a quick look at that to-do list for today. Does it include time for your workout? 

You know that the American Heart Association recommends getting 75 minutes of vigorous exercise a week and 150 minutes of moderate exercise.  And while it might seem impossible to take an hour for exercise each day in the midst of everything else that needs to be done between the first ring of the morning alarm and the last reminder to brush teeth before bed, exercise can still find room in your busy day. These benefits might make it worth the extra effort.

Benefit #1: Moms Who Workout Sleep Better

Name a mom who couldn’t use a nap. We all need more sleep! The Sleep Foundation has discovered that women who got 150 minutes of vigorous exercise a week got remarkably better than those who didn't. And when you sleep better, you’ll have more energy to play with your kids, help with homework,  and get creative with meal planning. 

Health Advisor’s Tip: Find  three sets of 10 minutes in the day for exercise and let it add up.

Benefit #2: Moms Who Workout Are Less Stressed

Stress is a guarantee when you’re working full time and raising a family. Working out is a great mood booster and stress reducer. Even just 20 minutes of physical activity can help you reflex with and enjoy your family after a long day of work.

Health Advisor’s Tip: Search YouTube for a family-friendly workout or challenge your kids to a dance-off in the living room. 

Benefit #3: Moms Who Workout Have Healthier Babies and Faster Recovery

Exercise is beneficial for moms and babies before, during, and after pregnancy. Being active and living a healthy lifestyle helps to manage healthy weight gain, keep ligaments and muscles strong, and promote easier conception, delivery, and recovery.  

Health Advisor’s Tip: Ask your doctor what type of exercise is best for you, and enlist a buddy for accountability, support, and safety.

Benefit #4: Moms Who Workout Have Less Dementia

There will be a day when the living room is tidy, the bathroom sink is clean, and the washing machine gets a break, and dementia can rob you of the ability to reflect on family memories and be engaged with your family in the future. The World Health Organization has suggested that exercise is one of the most powerful tools in reducing your risk of developing this debilitating condition.

Health Advisor’s Tip: Preserve the ability to recall the good times and be engaged with your family by having an active lifestyle now, starting where you are the most curious and will have the most fun.

When moms exercise, everyone gets healthier. Modeling those healthy habits shows your family that your health is a priority, and inspires them to do the same as adults. When you look for those small opportunities, make it fun, and involve the family, the benefits of exercise can make the hardest job you’ll ever love a lot easier.

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– Heather Fuselier, CHWC, CFP, TTS

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