Exercise While Busy

May 25, 2018

Squeeze Exercise Into a Busy Schedule

What was your reaction to the last time you heard the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation that adults get 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week? Did you give yourself a satisfied pat on the back for finding time to exercise, or wonder how in the world you would find 30 minutes to workout, on top of everything else you are already doing? I have good news - whether you are already consistently exercising or struggling to get away for a walk, you can find time for exercise even in a busy schedule. Read on for some ideas for how you can level up.

The Upgrade
Extra time can be hard to find, so take a look at the things you are already doing and “upgrade”  to make them more active. If you can walk or cycle to work, even just one-way or a few days a week, upgrade your commute! Time spent on the couch in the evening can be upgraded to include calisthenic exercises like leg raises or tricep dips during commercial breaks. You’re already brushing your teeth twice a day, so upgrade your routine and add some squats. Yes, even those little things count!

The Bookends
You’ve probably heard that just ten minutes of moderate-intensity exercise can improve your health. Why not add ten minutes of “bookend” workouts to the beginning and end of your work day with a few laps around the parking lot? If you need a little extra motivation at the end of the day to get ten minutes of walking before driving home, put a sticky note on your dashboard with reasons why you’re worth ten minutes. (pssst: you’re worth more than that, btw!)

The Sneak Around
Take a stand against sitting and take the scenic route! Take the stairs a little more often than you need to, park in the back of the parking lot, walk to deliver a message...these time-honored stalling tactics also make a great opportunities to sneak in some calorie burn. If you wear a fitness tracker, you’ll be impressed when you see how much of a difference it makes.

The Working Lunch
Americans are notorious for working through lunch or using it to run errands. We’re here to remind you that your brain and body need a break during the day to stay active and productive!  In fact, midday exercise has been shown to actually increase afternoon productivity. If there is a fitness facility near your workplace, choose three days of the week when you can use your lunch break for a bona-fide workout. Or, pack your sneakers and take a brisk walk during lunch. Not only will the exercise improve your mood and energy for the rest of the work day, you’ll be more motivated to skip the vending machine later.

We know it's not always easy to find time for exercise in a busy day. Start small and add more time as you can, remembering that greater health is achieved through progress, not perfection. You don’t have to feel great to start, but you have to start to feel great!

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