Exercise While Watching Football

Oct 18, 2019
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The thermostat may not fully agree yet, but Fall is here!

And on Saturdays in the South, that means a lot of televisions are tuned to football as we cheer on our favorite teams and do our best to not overdo it on the buffalo chicken dip.Unfortunately, that usually means that instead of getting outdoors and being active, we are spending a lot of our weekends sitting on the couch and watching other people play sports. This weekend, that can change when you tackle a workout designed to keep you moving during the game...and not just between the sofa and the fridge!The key to this workout is customizing it for your fitness level. Remember, the goal of any workout is not to make you do complicated exercises but to raise your heart rate, build muscle, and burn calories. So, choose an exercise that challenges you and raises your heart rate, and which you can do in consistent 30-45 second bursts with some rests in-between. The intensity of this workout depends on how good the game is… the more action on the field, the more you are up and working! Challenge yourself to get in the game with this football-inspired workout. For each game event, do the assigned exercise. If the suggested exercise is too easy or too advanced for you, adjust it for your fitness level.

The goal is to keep moving and feel challenged!

  • Every touchdown: do 20 jumping jacks (too easy? Do 20 burpees!)
  • Extra point: 5 extra jumping jacks
  • Flag on the field: 15 wide-legged squats
  • Quarterback sacked: 20 mountain climbers (too hard? March with high knees for 50 steps)
  • Commercial break: as many push-ups, traditional or modified, as you can do
  • Field goal: wall-sit for the duration of time from setting up the ball to completion of the play
  • Time-out: plank until game play resumes

Drink a bottle of water during halftime to stay hydrated, and be sure to stretch before and after the game to prevent injury and aid in recovery.

When the game is on this weekend, so are you: on your feet to be fit this fall! Go team!

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