Family Park Workout

Sep 22, 2017

30 minute Park Workout

With the nice weather here to stay for a few more weeks, finding ways to manage responsibilities and get in some exercise is a must. One way to do this is to get in a workout while the kiddos get to play outside which means it’s time to hit the park! In this workout you can let the kids play while you keep reaching for your personal fitness goals and get a little bit of sunshine while doing so.

Park Equipment needed

  • Swing set (optional)
  • Park Bench
  • Tree or Wall
  • The ground (bring a mat or towel if you prefer to avoid getting too messy)
  • Kiddos!

WARMUP (5-10 minutes)

Run around and play with your child

WORKOUT (30 minutes)

TimeExerciseEquipmentMinute 1 Step Up Right Leg LeadPark BenchMinute 2Step Up Left Leg LeadPark BenchMinute 3Inclined Pushups Park BenchMinute 4Incline Mountain ClimbersPark BenchMinute 5Jumping JacksGround (Standing)Minute 6Lunge Right LegPark Bench or GroundMinute 7Lunge Left LegPark Bench or GroundMinute 8Tricep DipsPark BenchMinute 9Seated In and Out CrunchesPark BenchMinute 10High Knees or Butt KickersGround (standing)Minute 11Lateral Step Up Right Leg Lead Park BenchMinute 12Lateral Step Up Left Leg LeadPark BenchMinute 13Inclined T-TwistPark BenchMinute 14PlankPark Bench or GroundMinute 15Squat hold or Wall sitGround, Tree or WallREPEAT 1X and have Fun!COOLDOWN (5-10 minutes)Walk and Stretch with the KiddosEvery day is different, so having this park workout in your toolbox is sure to help you adapt to the day’s duties while also keeping your family happy and healthy!We are also here to help! If you’re ready for support or want more information on fitness, drop us an email or give us a call at 877-293-9355 ext. 0!

– Casey Edmonds, CHC

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