Finding Your Fitness Groove

Mar 19, 2021

Like me, a lot of people are energized by the warmth and "newness" of the coming spring season. As more and more good news come in on the pandemic front, you may be thinking about times that were much more normal. Times when you may have enjoyed exercising with friends, being active outdoors, and being social at the gym.

Perhaps you felt alive and in control of your health. 

The positive physiological effects from working out is something we all look forward to after a good training session, but this year has created some challenges. With the invasion of Covid-19 this year and the changes in state policies, a lot of us have been stranded with no equipment, nowhere to workout, and no motivation. I’m sure you can feel the difference in motivation and focus when working out. So I’m going to help you get your fitness groove back like Stella got her groove back. Let’s spark your workout with some fresh ideas on how to get motivated, stay motivated, and start building up and releasing some endorphins. Listed below are some tips and workout ideas to help spark up your workout to an inferno. Since we’ve invested into some home equipment, let's get started. 

This is how you're going to get your groove back. 

  1. Designate a portion of your home as the “workout spot”.  When you’re at the “workout spot”, you clear out your area and put up some motivational pics and quotes.
  2. Find a virtual workout partner or create a social group who needs accountability - and create a daily challenge.
  3. Get rid of excuses and seek solutions to make progress
  4. Be Flexible - this is all new. Give yourself grace as you navigate your fitness 
  5. Switch up how you perform your exercises. See below

EMOM - Every Minute On the Minute

Choose two of your favorite exercises. Set a rep count for each exercise to complete within the minute. For example: 15 Bodyweight Squats and 10 Pushups. Once you’ve completed both exercises within the minute, take a rest. Once a minute is up, repeat both exercises.    

Beginner: 5 Rounds 

Intermediate: 7 Rounds

Advance: 10 Rounds

TABATA - Work to Rest ratio

Choose just one of your favorite exercises. Set an interval timer of 20 seconds of WORK and 10 seconds of REST. For example: Jumping Jacks. Perform exercise at moderate intensity for 20 seconds.  Rest for 10 seconds. Repeat for set time. 

Beginner: 8 Rounds (4:00)

Intermediate: 12 Rounds (6:00)

Advance: 16 Rounds (8:00)

You may not have commercial fitness equipment at home, but you could definitely find your fitness groove if you incorporate some above strategies that will help you stay safe, accountable, and healthy.   

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– Louis Allen, CSCS

Personal Trainer / Health Advisor

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