Fitness on a Budget

Jun 10, 2016

Lose Weight, Not Cash

If you talk to the average person, they will tell you that staying fit can be expensive. Many of us have been told you have to constantly take supplements, buy a ton of groceries, have a gym membership, and buy the latest workout attire to get in a good workout. To the average Joe, eating and affording that lifestyle is not going to be realistic. Number 1, a majority of us aren’t competing for a body building show, and Number 2, we don’t have the finances to support all the latest equipment, workout gear, and especially the supplements. Working out on strict budget is manageable, and I have seen some of the fittest people make it look good with just the basics. So what are the five basic steps to staying fit on a budget?


1. You don’t need supplements to get fit.

The supplement industry is always changing. If you try to keep up with what you see and read, you may just drain your bank account. Whole foods with a clean diet along with a basic multi-vitamin can give you peak results. It’s the work you put in that matters.

2. Educate yourself.

Educate yourself on the purpose of gym amenities such as wrist wraps, weight belts, compression sleeves, lifting shoes, etc. If you don’t need it because of an injury or support, then save yourself some money for some groceries. Borrow a workout partner's instead.

3. Skip the gym membership.

A gym membership is not a prerequisite to getting fit. In the military, I learned to utilize what we had, and you can do the same. Body weight exercises are some of the most versatile that you can do anywhere that yields amazing results. Utilizing your smart phone with free workout apps is a great way to mix things up also.

4. Ignore the latest fitness apparel.

New gear is usually a want rather than a need, and one that can get very expensive fast. Buying the latest outfits or shoes is fine once in a while, but you can still feel fresh with whatever you wear. Make your old or cheap t-shirts into tanks and start getting fit. Come beach weather, nobody will care what you’re wearing anyway.

5. Keep a workout journal.

This is incredibly easy and inexpensive, and is a great way to kindle some untapped motivation. Establish and write down your short and long term goals. I think you'll find that tracking your food, weight, and PRs(Personal Records) is also a great way to gain, achieve, and celebrate your success.

Try this basic training workout.

This workout is what I consider some of the best exercises for working many of the major muscle groups. I chose these basic moves because this is what I started with and consider the top exercises to getting you in peak shape without any equipment needed. Many military members perform these same exercises overseas because they lack access to a gym, but that doesn’t stop them from reaching optimal fitness levels and it shouldn’t for you. Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes without stopping!1. The Pull- Up - 5 repetitions2. Push Ups - 10 repetitions3. Air Squats - 15 repetitions4. Flutter Kicks - 20 repetitions5. Sit ups - 25 repetitions

Nathan Mikeska, BS, CPT, CHC

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