Foods to Fight Colds

Nov 8, 2021
Healthy Eating
Foods to Fight Colds|foods-to-fight-colds|foods-to-fight-colds

Colds and viruses are an expected enemy of the winter months, but with the right precautions and preventive measures, you can tackle the symptoms like the champ that you are. Try these diet tips to encourage your inner fighter.

Vitamin C

Oranges, lemons, leafy greens. The most common cold and virus fighter is vitamin C. Research shows that this vitamin may not prevent you from getting sick, but can in fact speed up the healing process. Add some orange slices to your breakfast or in your beverage before symptoms are evident, and enjoy a quicker recovery.

Warm anti-inflammatory foods and beverages

Broth based soups, teas. Teas like hot ginger may be precisely what you need to nurse your cold symptoms. Researchers have found that ginger tea boosts immunity, which can increase the potential of blocking colds and viruses. Additionally, ginger has long been known for its anti-inflammatory and G.I.-boosting benefits.

Germ fighters

Antioxidants pack a punch to the common cold and other contractible ailments. The specific antioxidants that fight best against these symptoms need more research, but we know that foods like blueberries, kale, broccoli, green tea have been shown to positively impact cold-like symptoms.

Spicy foods

Chiles, peppers. Foods with a little bit of heat may not necessarily kick your cold, but they will help relieve any nasal or head congestion. Studies have revealed that foods like chiles have capsaicin which can support relief of congested nasal passages.


Water, electrolyte powders or tablets. Sufficient fluid intake is critical to flushing out common colds and viruses. Drink at least 4-8 oz every hour and remember to carry a cup of water with you to bed. Avoid sugary drinks that will increase inflammation in the body, potentially hindering the recovery and rehabilitation process of your body back to health. If you need a little flavor, opt for an electrolyte tablet or powder, as they normally have less sugar.

Fight, fight, fight and beat the cold season!

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– Casey Edmonds, CHC

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