Get Engaged...With Wellview! Pt. 1

Mar 10, 2021

Engagement is a big decision. The “plighting of one’s troth” is certainly not a decision to be entered into without careful consideration. You've got to weigh the pros and cons. You need to check out all the other options before choosing “the one” for you.  

But there is great joy in this all-important next step in a relationship accompanied by the quite normal concerns, too. This might not be “it,” but what if it is? It might not work out, but what if it does? You don’t want to miss your shot at success, and these opportunities don’t come along every day! You’ve been asked. You’ve been chosen. You are staring at a future that could be the end to your lonely journey. So say YES! Give it your all! Go all in! Get engaged . . . with Wellview.

Engagement is a promise of partnership, an involved commitment. This could be the promised partnership I’ve been searching for. This feels right. I’m going for it!  I’m going to engage with a Wellview Health Advisor. I have chosen “the one” from all of the wonderful, qualified options available and I said YES!

When I hold an HLC (Healthy Living Consult), I encourage a participant to look at it like a “speed date.” Get enough information to see if there is a connection, and if you’d like another “date.” I ask two questions that are very important to me: 1) WHY did you say yes to the offer of engagement? 2) WHY did you choose me as your Health Advisor?

Getting engaged should be an exciting time in a participant’s life. You have dreams for your future, and you have decided to stop “dating” and “flirting” and toying around! Your “fickle” days are over! Your lonely days are gone! You are not alone anymore!

Getting engaged with a health advisor can change your life. That may sound dramatic to you, but those who have gotten engaged, and said YES to Wellview, can tell you in their own words. 

So, I asked a few of my participants to help me. I share the following with their permission, though all are anonymous.

"Through this program, I realized that wellness is not just exercise and nutrition but includes many more facets of life, often unnoticed. I appreciated working with you because you helped me take a holistic approach to my wellness that included social, spiritual, and emotional health in addition to my physical wellbeing. I engaged with Wellview in July 2020 and have noticed a steady increase in my overall health as a result." 

“Here are a few thoughts as I think about the gift of spending time with you on a regular basis. Time with you gives me the reins to my health. It has helped me connect the dots between fitness, nutrition, spiritual growth and being a confident and courageous woman. I feel like I'm running on all cylinders when I'm in control of my health and am mindful of my habits, good and bad. Consulting and checking in with you drives an intentional conversation that keeps me aware of the benefits of moving the needle on my goals. I'm a better wife, mom and leader when my overall health is a priority, and you help me ensure that it is."

“When I decided to engage in this program, I wasn't looking for the same old thing. Honestly, I already knew THAT didn't work. I needed more and different. I wasn't hoping for meal plans (though, I need them) or weigh-ins (also, need those) or even workouts (again, needed); I needed a friend. Someone I could share what was going on inside of me so that the outside steps could get easier. Someone that wouldn't judge but listen and ask the challenging questions to get my mindset right. Someone to listen and understand beyond the words I use to help create momentum towards my goals. Someone for the long haul, the delayed gratification, the real work that I needed to do. I knew I had to be honest with them, share the good days, the bad days, and the downright ugly ones. I had to open every door in my heart, that I preferred to stay shut and locked away, to really get the change I was hoping for. And I'm grateful to have found that. I feel encouraged to share real-life situations and to get real with myself on what might be holding me back. For me, the current journey is less physical and mostly mental and emotional. I've learned to tackle challenges from within so that my actions feel more aligned with what is inside of me and my future goals. It seems to be creating some freedom and overflow in other areas of my life as well. I know the physical success will continue as learn more mentally and emotionally. One of the biggest things I’ve taken away is grace for my journey and the process.”

“I lost the 15 lbs. I wanted to lose but has gained so much more.  My confidence, enthusiasm for life, and energy is back.  I love what I have learned, what I have accomplished, and I am living with a changed mindset.  I look forward to sessions.  Thank you so much for teaching me how to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. I am truly grateful and so very happy.”

“You have helped me to celebrate my non-scale victories and rejoice over the progress I have made internally.”

Here are a couple of unsolicited replies to messages that show the precious relationship between participant and health advisor:

“Hi Stephanie, thank you so much for sharing your blogs with me. I really enjoy them and it shows your dedication to help others. Thank you for all of your support, even when I get off track.” 

“You are beyond words. Your prayers are literal treasures to my heart - they are little reminders that I am walking this journey with friends and partners. You bring so much deeper meaning to health and I delight in our relationship. Pretty sure our Father delights in the way you serve and love others too!”

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we look at even more examples of success when you get engaged...and stay engaged!

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