Get Engaged...With Wellview Pt. 2

Mar 24, 2021

Engagement is a big decision. The “plighting of one’s troth” is certainly not a decision to be entered into without careful consideration. You've got to weigh the pros and cons. You need to check out all the other options before choosing “the one” for you.  

Let's clarify what we're talking about here. I'm talking about getting engaged with a health advisor, a relationship that can change your life. That may sound dramatic to you, but those who have gotten engaged, and said YES to Wellview, can tell you in their own words. 

So, I asked a few of my participants to help me. I share the following with their permission, though all are anonymous. If you missed part 1 of this blog, make sure you check out their responses here.

I could also tell of another precious participant who in his own words is “exceeding expectations” is his self-confessed "sugar addiction."  He used to get up in the middle of the night and eat Reese’s Pieces or other candy. He is now reading the labels for ingredients on boxes and bags and where he used to eat just candy and soda most days—all days—but he now cooks meals for himself! He was eating a 2 lb. bag of Twizzlers every day, and now he is eating just one 2 lb. bag a week!  He used to buy five 6-packs of Mountain Dew and drink 6 cans a day, but now he told me, “I only drink 1-2 a day, and I don't even finish them!" He recently bought M&Ms “out of habit when going to the store hungry”, but he hasn't even opened them. In fact, he has them tied up in a bag! His stress is lower too. He had been working 7 days a week for most of his life, so we set a goal for him to take 2 of the 4 Sundays off each month. He has done that now for the past month and plans to do that again this month. He says he feels ready for his physical/blood work since he hadn’t had that done in years.  He wants to know his numbers and at his age, he should have a colonoscopy, so we made an action step to make an appointment before our next session. He is doing extremely well compared to where he was when we began our journey. I celebrate his continued success!

Or, I could tell you of a participant who before engagement had been almost living on red bulls and coffee. At our first session, she hadn't eaten all day, had no appetite, and was not sleeping. Though she still struggles with headaches, we continue to work together on managing the stress of the pandemic and working from home. I scheduled her with others on the Care Team, she reads the resources I send her, tries the recipes, and appreciates that she can move at her own pace, with no pressure and an abundance of support.

I could tell of a participant who started and then stopped, but through our system reminders and portal messages I sent just to say hello, I care, she jumped back in, and we are now working through the ups and downs together. We set up an appointment with our RD, and she is appreciating the wrap-around care.

Another participant began our journey at 5'2" and 150 lbs. was so inspired just by engaging with Wellview that she dropped 4 lbs in a couple weeks - before screening!  She is now a healthy and strong 117 lbs. and says she “feels the best she has ever felt.” She had a VERY busy end of the year and was playing catch-up, but never missed a beat through the holidays! She says that eating the way she eats is just a way of life now.  She says her healthy eating is sustainable, and exercise is super enjoyable.  She reached her goal of 100 rides on her Peloton.  Doubled up some days, and her iWatch helps so much. She feels herself getting stronger every day! She is sleeping well. She is passionate, productive, and successful!  

"The way I am doing this with you is enjoyable, doable, and sustainable. You made it reachable. I love it and the journey that got me here. Most try changing themself from the outside-in, but the change that is sustainable is change from the inside-out! We are honoring the whole person this way.”

I could go on and on! I love sharing the achievements and successes (of body, mind, and heart). I love walking through the challenges too, as I partner with my participants through life’s ups and downs. Many who look forward to our sessions even if just to unload some of the day's baggage or be reminded by me that they matter, and that this small part of their day is all about them. Even if they would just want to sit in silence for the entire time, I would sit with them!

We laugh, we cry, we plan, we grow. One early morning appointment, instead of my participant saying hello, I heard “I’m pregnant!” In fact, I was the first person told other than the father! I have walked through entire pregnancies—all trimesters—and births. I have sat with moms and newborns (virtually looking into babies' faces while talking with mom about her personal wellness and self-care plans. I have sat (virtually) with moms in the hospital with a very sick infant. I was there for a participant whose husband had just had a major heart attack, and though he survived the well-known "widow-maker", I was able to help her to talk about her anxiety from the thought of losing him.  

As a 2-time cancer survivor, I have been the hope for those newly diagnosed or living with a loved one who is struggling with cancer. I have been there to offer a break and a breather from the pandemic, working from home, digital learning, political unrest, election anxiety, and a year of uncertainty. I have coached participants supporting them as they make big decisions, and with parents navigating family challenges or needing creative ideas for family time.  

In all of this, I can confidently say one thing is abundantly clear to me:

Those who engage, schedule the time, keep their session appointments, share their life, their desires, their struggles, allow me to carry a part of the load, and lean into their personal self-care are without a doubt healthier, happier, more positive about their future.

You will be forever grateful that they opened the email invitation from their employer, said YES to Wellview, and got engaged!

Equally true, is the fact that had I not said YES to a position as a Health Advisor with Wellview, I would not have met the wonderful hard-working, goal-getting, heart-warming participants that have chosen me and trusted me with their most personal life and inner self. 

Scripture says two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one lifts up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls, for he has no one to help him up.

And Three Dog Night may have said it best: “One is the loneliest number.”

There is no need to go it alone!  Get engaged!  We are asking ... will you say YES!?

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