Get Your Turkey Trot On

Nov 11, 2016

Get Your Turkey Trot On!

As the season turns colder and the days shorter, it is easy to let our fitness and nutrition goals slide. You may know this as “hibernation” mode. We all have our reasons. It’s too cold outside. It’s dark too early. It’s too hard to resist all of the rich foods that are constantly around. We want to enjoy the holidays and not worry about being strict. And these are all valid reasons and ones that are shared by many. It is basically a time-honored tradition to eat until we feel like popping on Thanksgiving Day. This feeling leaves us both satisfied and miserable at the same time. However, what if you started your day off on a different note, a note that includes the whole family and your community? Well look no further than your own local community or neighboring town. This year, I challenge you to do just one thing differently to kick off the holiday festivities, or if you already do this, recruit loved ones to join you. GET YOUR TURKEY TROT ON!!


Typically, most cities host an annual Turkey Trot race the morning of Thanksgiving. They often include a variety of distances ranging from a 1-mile fun run/walk, kids’ fun run, 5K, 10K, and sometimes, even a 15K. Not a runner? Have no fear! There are no expectations other than to get some steps in to start your day off right and join in the fun! There is also usually music, snacks and drinks and prizes for those who do have that competitive streak. If you are up for the challenge, start by Googling “turkey trot” for your city or town, check the calendar for your local running clubs, or go to your city’s webpage to find out more information on how to get involved. Here is my local city’s page for the race to show you what to look for.

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and holiday season!


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