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Feb 25, 2022

Everything is made up of energy, and energy vibrates at different frequencies. Similar to a vocalist who has a range of notes in which he or she can project, living beings range in vibration. When you are sad, tired, overwhelmed or angry, you may notice a shift in your energy to a lower frequency, and thus, your output is more encumbered, misdirected, or even lacking. The key word to remember here is lack.

Conversely, when you are in a space of peace, love and joy, your vibration is reflective of these positive emotions. In the positive emotions, there is an embodiment of abundance. Negative and positive feelings are not the only key indicators of your vibration, and are not to be taken as fact, but they are an easily accessible check point in the moment.

The other checkpoint is in your beliefs. Lack indicates that you have a belief that there is a deficiency, or that something is missing. Abundance reflects a belief that there is enough or things are precisely as they are meant to be. Beliefs are the basis of everything. They are often established early on in your childhood as your parents or guardians model or teach you how to be and show up in the world. Your environments including culture, religion, societal norms, and more also help shape your beliefs. Once your brain has attached to a belief, it holds on to that belief as a narrowed lens through which you now view yourself, others, and the world around you. The good news about beliefs is that with some awareness and work, you can actually open your perspective allowing you the ability to rewire a new, preferred pathway to a belief of abundance. Learn more about how you can hardwire the brain for positive stress responses.

Living in a belief of abundance allows you to be in a high vibrational state. However, as you consider the deep work it can take to rewire your beliefs (it just doesn't happen overnight), there are some simple techniques to help you get to your high vibrational life. Keep in mind that the type of work you are preparing for is putting the chicken before the egg and vice versa. So although I will share some habits to help you align with your highest vibrational self, the deep work around your belief system cannot be negated. These habits and tips, however, are sure to help you gain awareness and dive deep.

Fun, Fun Fun

I cannot emphasize this enough so I had to include this at the top of the list. When you do things that make you express joy from the inside out, you are actually opening up to your higher self who came to be on this Earth to live an abundant life and grow your soul. Play outside with your kiddos, catch up with a good friend, watch a comedy. The list is endless. Whatever makes you have a deep belly laugh and smile ... just do it!

Balanced Rest

In a centric society, it vital that you get proper rest. Ensuring that you build in a routine for 7-9 hours of sleep per night and honor your body when it is tired is essential to aligning with your higher self. 

Colorful Nutrition

Did you know that colors have vibration? A nutrient-dense diet full of sustainably-grown and raised foods can ensure your body is getting the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. By choosing a rainbow of colors in your diet, you ensure that your body is getting different types of nutrients which then support a healthful body. And remember, a healthy body vibrates high. 


Whether you dance, bike, run, lift, or something else, movement is key to manipulating and maintaining energy. Not only does our brain chemistry shift to adopt the "feel good" hormones when we do physical activity, our bodies can also release unwanted energy and recharge the energy that is highly vibrational. 


Doctors across the globe are writing prescriptions for time outdoors. Why you may ask? Mother nature provides healing and restorative properties for the mind, body, and soul through fresh air, grounding, sunshine, temperature, and more. Learn more about nature as medicine.


Music and sounds don't just create a fun energy at a party, they literally emit vibrational energy. Listening to and feeling the frequencies put out by your favorite speaker can help you tap into a wide range of feelings. Calming and uplifting music is a great place to start when you want to shift into a higher vibrational state. 

Create Space

When was the last time you sat down without a screen in front of you? When was your last walk with no distractions? By pushing through or toward something like a work project,  or even mindlessly participating in something like watching TV, your brain is “on” due to some sort of  stimuli. By permitting your brain to “turn off” with some stillness and quiet in prayer or meditation, you actually create space for your true, abundant self to show up. 

We're off to a great start, but there are many other habits that support alignment with your high vibrational self. We at Wellview would love to hear about yours. Please email us at and you may be featured in one of our upcoming blogs!

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– Casey Edmonds, CHWC, CPT, CMS

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