Gifts Your Family Really Wants

Dec 13, 2017

Giving Gifts that Your Loved

Ones Really Want

Have you ever gotten that one (or more) present that says “I thought of you, but I have no clue what you really like”? Well most likely, you are nodding your head yes. Let me go ahead and clear the air by saying that I do agree that it is the thought that counts, and of course, gift giving is not all the holiday is about. However, it seems to be a big part of the season, and there is a way to give the things your loved ones want that will leave everyone feeling appreciated during the holiday season.

4 Quick Tips on Holiday Gift Giving!

Make a list.

Have you ever heard the saying “ask and you shall receive”? For some this is a religious statement from various parts of the Bible including , Matthew 7:7, John 16:24, etc. However, I challenge you or the purpose of this article to remove the religious connotation and think more literally. Telling people what you want is not selfish but rather a key into letting them know who you are and the things that make you happiest. Simply ask your loved ones to take time to write a list of things they would like to have of various price points.

Talk about it.

Generally speaking, people are not mind readers. The Journal of Social Psychology shares that “Five studies show that gift recipients are more appreciative of gifts they explicitly request than those they do not.” So, don’t be afraid to talk to your loved ones about what they would like to see wrapped up under the tree or vice versa. This not only leaves the guess work out of gift giving, but it can ensure that your special persons will have a huge smile on their faces on Christmas day.

Giving to meet a need.

Not all gifts come in a wrapped package under the tree. Consider your loved ones’ language of love: quality time, acts of service, physical touch or words of affirmation. Go from there. For example, if your loved one’s love language is quality time, plan a special date doing something that he or she loves. Perhaps he or she would appreciate some words of affirmation, so write a sweet letter about why life is better with your person. Giving to a need is a sure way to warm one’s heart!

Not all gifts are tangible nor costly.

Just as I mentioned above, people are not mind readers nor are they an unlimited flow of cash that can purchase your every wish. In fact, I was reminded of this when earlier this month I asked my loved one what he would like for Christmas and his response was simple: peace and joy. Peace and joy are feelings that can be cultivated by a positive experience, so I set out on some ideas of what that would look like for him. I won’t spoil the surprise, but I know he enjoys family time, holiday movies, peaceful music and lots of laughter.

Happy Holidays!

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