Healing the Past and Stepping Into the Now

Nov 26, 2021

Do you have memories that you have either tucked away so deep that you no longer have to remember them, or memories that you have lived over and over again in your head? These memories may be both positive and/or negative, long lived or short lived.

What’s interesting is the way the brain holds onto memories is actually a tale of the lessons we are meant to learn in our life. However, it can sometimes be difficult to revisit these memories when they feel uncomfortable, scary or negative. These negative attachments to memories is a good indicator that the lesson was not absorbed and healing needs to be had. The good news is that you can do this safely and effectively through memory recall. 

Memory recall is a technique used to better understand emotions and lessons on a soul level.

Try This Memory Recall Exercise 

Seated upright, standing, or lying down in a safe, comfortable position, close your eyes and begin to take a few deep intentional belly breaths.

Now envision yourself walking up to a chair in a peaceful, calming place. As you approach this chair you notice the word “neutrality” or simply, “no judgement” written on its back. You have a seat and continue your breaths.

You look around and begin to see a blank canvas appear before you, as if you are in a drive-in theater. You are about to play back memories of your past with intention to observe them. Try to avoid reliving the memory, and rather, stay in a place of neutrality. If you notice yourself reliving the past, simply pause the memory like a movie and return back to your deep belly breaths as a reset before stepping back to your memory playback. 

As you begin your playback, recall the earliest memory you have. You may notice there are a lot or barely any at all. Do not force anything to come out. Rather, tune into the first memory that instinctively stands out to you. This is where you begin. Observe this memory without judgement. Where were you? Who were you with? What was happening? How are you responding? What is the feeling behind your response?

As you recall the feeling, remember you are not attached to this feeling, rather you are simply noticing it as if it was a product of the circumstance. What belief resonates out of this feeling? How did this experience impact how you navigate the world thereafter? What lesson were you learning in this memory?

Feel free to jot down your answers and thoughts as you go through your recall. 

Continue your memory recall as above until you have walked your way up to your present chapter in life. 

You may want to highlight memories of a certain chapter or in a specific relationship. You may also find that parts of your past have not properly healed due to traumatic circumstances, major changes, etc. 

That's perfectly normal and okay!

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– Casey Edmonds, CHWC, CPT, CMS

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