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Feb 18, 2019
Healthy Eating
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Easy on-the-go heart healthy snacks under 200 calories: Part 1

How many calories and what to eat for a snack can be daunting to think about. So let me assure you that snacking is in fact OK. However, keep in mind that snacks do count toward your recommended daily caloric intake. In fact, Wellview Health Registered Dietitian Kari Martinez recommends,

If you notice yourself getting hungry 3- 4 hours after a larger meal, say mid-morning or mid-day, this can be an excellent opportunity for a healthy, low calorie snack.

She shares that snacks can help reestablish normal blood sugar levels, supply the body with needed energy, balance caloric intake throughout the day and so much more. So to take the guessing game out of what to snack on, here are five healthy snacks roughly under 250 calories to help you get started.

½ cup blueberries (40 calories) and 1 large hard boiled egg* (70 calories)

TOTAL 110 caloriesBlueberries are high in fiber, free saturated fat, rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, all of which have been found to decrease risk of heart attack. This snack is also perfect for those aiming to manage blood sugar levels with snacks low in sugars.

1 cup baby carrots (55 calories) and ¼ cup hummus*(100 calories)

TOTAL 155 caloriesChickpeas, found in hummus, are a part of the food category known as lentils. Lentils are rich in vitamin E and K, which have blood thinning properties, meaning chickpeas can naturally aid in prevention of blood clots.

Small banana (90 calories) and 1 Tbsp. almond butter* (98 calories)

TOTAL 188 caloriesBananas are rich in potassium which can help prevent muscle cramps. Moreover, studies have revealed that potassium in bananas can relax the blood vessels and improve blood pressure.

½ small avocado (100 calories) and 1 cup diced red bell peppers (40 calories)

TOTAL 140 caloriesRed Bell peppers are full of lycopene, which fight off free radical damage and is not found in their green alternative. They also contain soluble fibers which can help lower total cholesterol levels.

4 oz plain 2% Greek yogurt* sweetened with ½ Tbsp. of honey* (110 calories) and ¼ cup unsweetened coconut flakes (100 calories)

TOTAL 210 caloriesWalter Willett of Harvard School of Public Health shares that coconut is actually high in a type of saturated fat that has been thought to have a huge impact on increasing good cholesterol. This means eating coconut flakes in moderation can actually help decrease risk of heart disease.*Calorie amounts are an estimate depending on the brand of some foods.Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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