Heart Healthy Snacks Pt. 2

Feb 25, 2019
Healthy Eating


How many calories and what to eat for a snack can be daunting to think about. So let me assure you that snacking is in fact OK. However, keep in mind that snacks do count toward your recommended daily caloric intake. In fact, Wellview Health Registered Dietitian Kari Martinez recommends,

If you notice yourself getting hungry 3- 4 hours after a larger meal, say mid-morning or mid-day, this can be an excellent opportunity for a healthy, low calorie snack.

She shares that snacks can help reestablish normal blood sugar levels, supply the body with needed energy, balance caloric intake throughout the day and so much more.So to take the guessing game out of what to snack on, here are five healthy snacks roughly under 250 calories to help you get started.

*The calorie amounts are an estimated depending on the brand of some foods.*

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4 oz plain 2% Greek yogurt* sweetened with ½ Tbsp. of honey* (110 calories) and 1 cup mixed berries (65 calories) blended into smoothie.

TOTAL 175 caloriesBerries are low in calories and high in fiber. Furthermore, raspberries contain polyphenols, in which research suggests that this antioxidant may improve, “function of the inner lining of the blood vessels, increase protective HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol), and promote anti-platelet and anti-inflammatory activity.”

¼ cup unsalted pumpkin seeds (150 calories) and mandarin orange (45 calories)

TOTAL 195 caloriesMandarins are a powerhouse of fiber, vitamin c, potassium and vitamin B6, all of which have been proven time after time to have a positive impact on heart health.

Medium apple (95 calories) and 1 slice cheddar cheese* (110 calories)

TOTAL 205 caloriesApples just like berries contain fiber and polyphenols. Soluble fiber can reduce bad cholesterol, encourage a healthy weight and even improve blood pressure.

½ cup grapes (30 calories) and ¼ cup pecans(190 calories)

TOTAL 220 caloriesPecans contain ZERO trans fats and cholesterol, but are an excellent source of unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats can lower total cholesterol when eaten in moderation, thus decreasing risk of heart disease.

10 unsalted corn tortilla chips* (140 calories) and ¼ cup guacamole* (88 calories)

TOTAL 228 caloriesGuacamole’s primary ingredient is avocado. Though this fruit is high in fat, according to the American Heart Association, it contains mostly monounsaturated fats which have been shown to support lower levels of bad cholesterol. Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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