Honoring All Dads

Jun 15, 2016
Wellbeing Wednesday

Dear Dad, We Love You.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Father's Day is this Sunday, so don't forget!


Every morning he wakes up, says his good-byes, and flies away to save the world. This is often the depiction we think of when we think of our dads. Since we were all just old enough to say “Da-da,” our dads have been the superheroes of our lives. Holding our hands when times get tough, providing us with all the necessities of life, and teaching us all we need to know to survive. Dads are our greatest role-models. They are the spitting image of strength, intellect, hard-work, and even fun. Dads are unique in all they do and hold a very special place in each of our hearts.

FULL HOUSE, Jodie Sweetin, Bob Saget, Candace Cameron, 1987-1995

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I cannot think of a better time to share the things I appreciate about my dad; and yours too. Photo: Bustle

You are a provider.

Day in and day out, you woke up to go to work so there will be money to put a roof over our heads and food on the table. As an adult now, I understand waking up everyday to go to work can be daunting, yet you never complained, and we never went without.

You instilled respect.

Not only did you teach me to respect my elders and that words like “No Sir,” “Thank you,” and “Yes maam” can convey my true character, but you also showed me how to regard others. Respecting others’ beliefs, words, belongings, feelings, space, and time allowed me to become someone that others can respect too.

You demanded work-ethic.

Whether it was my grades, chores, or in sports, you made sure that I knew that the ultimate prize came at a cost: hard-work. Working hard taught me dedication and responsibility and gave me a sense of pride. But had you not been there urging me along the way, I may not have learned what I am capable of doing.

You fixed it.

When I broke it, you fixed it. From the swing set to my car, you were always there to repair what I thought was unfixable. I did my best to observe and ask questions so I too could fix things just like you, but my band-aid repairs just aren’t the same.

Photo: Yahoo

You taught me determination

I grew up trying to keep up with the boys and often times exceeding them. I new failure as much as humility but you showed me that no matter what I set my mind to I could conquer it. I fell, got back up, dusted myself off and kept going. Today, I will never give up on my goals because of you.

You showed me adventure.

From family hikes and snow-day wheelies to roller-coaster rides and surfing the waves, I wouldn’t have lived it without you there. You gave me someone to laugh with (occasionally at), try new things with and dare to be brave with. The older I get, I strive to make sure I am always living life to the fullest.

You were always there.

Growing up I knew you would be on the side shaking your head at me as I mis-stepped but nonetheless, you were still there to guide me along my wobbly path. You held me accountable, always challenging me to be morally the best I could be. Today you live in my decisions as I choose right over wrong.

Dad, no one else does it quite like you! Happy Father’s day!


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