Honoring Mom

May 4, 2016

How to Honor Mom on Mother’s Day

Moms are special. Moms can come in many forms. Yours may be biological, non-biological, old, young, rich, poor. Nonetheless, we all have one thing in common with this special lady, we call her MOM.


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My Mom...

...carried me in her womb for 8½ months, and with a few complications at birth, she exulted when we got to come home from the hospital. She raised me from infant to toddler. With diaper changes, spit-up clothes, and numerous wakeless hours putting me to sleep, Momma never gave up on me. She comforted me when I was sick, encouraged my imagination to go wild, kissed my boo-boos, and taught me all the things I needed to know in order to simply make it through life. From early childhood to late childhood, she went from my best friend to watching me make friends, helping me learn my ABC’s and 123’s to “teaching” her what I learned in school, and packing my lunches and encouraging my play. Mom helped me grow into my pre-teen years. Despite these years of transition (and perhaps turmoil for my mom), she helped me learn humility, respect, and responsibility until I finally "trial and error-ed" my way into adolescence. In adolescence, Mom was still there: cheering me on from the sidelines at my ball-games, teaching me to drive, helping me get my first job, supporting my leadership roles in the community, and continuously urging hard work toward my 4.3 GPA. Slowly, those teen years transferred to college years where I thought her grasp felt far away, but now I realize she was closer than she had ever been. Momma lived in my decisions as a “pretend adult,” allowing me to flourish, struggle, and make choices --- some of which I had to learn from. She was ever-present in my motivation to work hard to achieve things that I never imagined were within reach. Mom watched me graduate from a private university and helped me pack and move onto the next stage of life: adulthood. Adulthood, like most of my life, has been trial and error. With maintaining my career in the health and fitness field, furthering my credentials, developing close relationships and discovering “who” I am, Mom has always been here. Willing to give a hand, lend an ear, share advice, support my efforts, comfort me, laugh with me, and rejoice in the pay-offs. My mom is not perfect. Neither am I, but luckily I can blame it on her! Without my Momma, I would not be where I am today, and with her, I can keep on conquering the world. Moms are always giving all they have to give to their children. They cook, clean up after you, help with homework, walk the dog, pay bills, pick up your friends, give you a shoulder to cry on, and they do it all for you! Though we expect our supermoms to be perfect individuals, they make mistakes. But they take each mistake as a lesson learned, get back up, dust themselves off, and keep going. Moms are inspiring, selfless, hard-working, caring, supportive, tender, loving, etc. And every Mom deserves a break. What better day but Mother’s Day to give them just that: a day of recognition; a day to receive the things she so selflessly gives; a day to relax and enjoy the spoils of life-a day that is hers!

Mother's Day

1. Do the laundry - Wash it. Dry it. Fold it. Put it away!2. Clean the house - Dust, vacuum, sweep, mop, wipe it, scrub it; including the dirty bathrooms! 3. Cook or take her to her favorite restaurant - Treat your Mom to breakfast, lunch, dinner, or ALL three!4. Do the dishes - Get those tough stains off the plates and stow them away in the cabinets.5. Take out the trash - Easy enough. Try doing it as often as she does. 6. Care for the pets - Take the dog for a walk, clean out the fish tank, feed the cats, etc.7. Wash her car - Wax on. Wax off.8. Take her shopping - She has taken you for endless hours of browsing. Do the same for her.9. Give her a spa day - Get her a gift card, or do it yourself!10. Write her a loving letter - Moms love to know how you really feel. She still has your cards from kindergarten.11. Garden the yard - Though Mom says she enjoys gardening, it's hard work. Give her a hand!12. Take her to do something special - My Momma loves butterflies. I got her tickets to go to a local butterfly adventure exhibit. 13. Let her relax - Moms never stop working. Fix her some tea or coffee and surrender her favorite book.14. Walk and talk - Take her on an outdoor outing where you can talk and reminisce of the good times.15. Gift her Helper Coupons - Give her coupons that she can redeem for cutting the bushes, cleaning the gutters, etc.16. Play the Freaky Friday Game - She's tired of being “MOMMMMMM!!!!” Send her an invite to switch roles for a day.17. Do something in her name - Not all of us are blessed to have a mom still with us. Continue her spirit by giving a gift or some of your time to an organization, person or hobby that was near and dear to her heart.18. Make her laugh - She's not always serious. Take her to a funny play or movie or put on your own show!19. Talk to her - We all cannot celebrate Mother’s Day in person. A simple phone call can go a long way. 20. Affection her - Hugs are free. Mom is priceless. Let her know you love her!

Happy Mother's Day, Momma and to all of the awesome, imperfect supermoms out there!


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