How Relativism Can Help With Your Goals

Aug 26, 2022

The Law of Relativity states that all things are neutral. Nothing is neither good nor bad; small nor big; negative nor positive.  Relativism is a matter of perception and perspective. What I may deem positive, you may deem negative. Void comparison, reality is just neutral in the eyes of relativism.

So, what does relativism have to do with my personal health and life goals?

The better question may be, what does relativism NOT have to do with your goals?

Your goals are meant to stretch you to take a proactive approach to your wellbeing and intentionally make habitual choices that are in alignment with your health, prosperity and joy. Though science backed data points like blood pressure, A1C, HDL, LDL, total cholesterol, weight and a myriad of other clinical measures should never be negated when it comes to your health, it is important to remember everyone is completely unique.  Even identical twins born on the same day back to back with similar or same lifestyles can have different clinical outcomes. That said, still what is good for one may be perceived by another as bad. It is all relative.

So when you set goals to improve your life and health, like:

I will exercise three times a week for 60 minutes to manage my weight;

I will set aside quality time with the family every Friday after work;

I will meal prep my lunches for mon-thurs this week on sunday;

I will take atleast 10 minutes of reflection time daily;

what you are really saying is that these habits and actions are in more alignment with the life that you want to live. Some goals may even feel bigger than others to you. And still, in another’s eyes your goals may be small potatoes. It’s all relative. 

Now here is the fun part about goals (fun being relative through my lens): inevitably goals will teach you. As a Life and Health Coach, I hear it all the time, “Well, I almost didn’t come to our session because I didn’t even reach my goal this week.” And like clock work, one of my first questions will be of the sort, “But, what did you learn?” Goals teach us through experience not immediate perfection. They help mold us to be realistic yet intentional with the actions in our lives. So though you may say you were in the negative with your goals this week, I could argue that because of what you learned, you are in the positive. It’s all relative. 

I hope this read was…well…RELATIVE for you. 

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– Casey Edmonds, MPH, CHWC, CMS, CPT, CILC

Managing Editor, Health Advisor, Personal Trainer| Email Casey


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