How Symbols Lead to Actions

Aug 21, 2019

A symbol can be a reminder to take action to live a life you are proud of

A mantra can be a word, sound or saying repeated internally or out loud to aid in concentration, consciousness and intention of living.

When used daily, a mantra can remind you to remain conscious of your responses, feelings and choices so that you are living in alignment of your overall bigger picture or vision you have for yourself and your life.For example, my mantra for 2019 is “grow and flow.” Having this mantra swirling around in my head daily has enabled me to remember that the overall picture I have for myself is a human being who is grounded and solid in my foundation with the ability to ebb and flow with the seasons of my life.

When I think of what my mantra means to me, I envision a TREE. A tree is rooted into the ground beneath forming a strong foundation.A tree has the ability to bend and sway as the weather comes and goes.A tree can shed and regrow with every season of its life.

So in essence, a tree is the symbol that represents my personal mantra. With this symbol, my attention to my mantra, and thus my overall vision, has actually grown deeper in a daily basis. When I see a tree on my daily commute, especially those that stand tall alone in a field, I recall the importance of a steady, solid foundation in my personal and professional life, and thus immediately recollect my mantra.When I see through my window the branches and leaves of the tree sway in the wind as rain clouds begin to roll in, I remember the importance of flowing with life’s challenges, and thus, reintroduce myself to my mantra once more.When I see the colors of fall lingering on its leaves during my morning walk, I think of the trees' necessity to change and let go in order to embark on new seasons and regrowth, and I cannot help but to think about my mantra.

This symbol has without a doubt changed my daily mindset to stay focused on the meaning of my actions and their consequences. A tree to me is my reminder to stay focused on my goals on a regular basis so not to lead myself astray, Without this symbol, I may not consciously be reminded of the mantra I have set for myself and how it ties into the person I want to be or the person I am becoming. I am fully convinced that my symbol is the game changer I have been yearning for. What is yours?Need help creating a mantra to live by? Read more here. Or schedule an appointment with one of our Health Advisors today. Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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