HOW to Give Up Sodas

May 25, 2020
Healthy Eating
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Sodas, cokes, pops. Whatever you call them…are you drinking them? In part one of this series, we looked at why they're not great for you. Today, let's examine HOW you can kick the habit once and for all!In general, most of you know that drinking sodas regularly can negatively impact your health. Drinking sodas regularly can cause brain fog and memory loss, increase the likelihood of Type II Diabetes, damage DNA, deplete bone and teeth health and decrease overall health and well-being. Knowing is half the battle though. Just like many other habits in your life, drinking sodas becomes a part of your normal routine and essentially lies within your comfort zone. So in order to break your comfortable craving for sodas, here are five ways that have worked well for others who have kicked the soda habit for good!

Find a low calorie, flavor substitute.

Fruits and veggies are excellent flavor enhancers for water. Try a squeeze of lemon with some fresh raspberries or some cucumber slices and fresh mint. If you are looking for something a little easier, then shop your local grocery store for low-cal flavor packets or liquids. Give it a try and see which you like the best!

Find another caffeinated beverage that you enjoy.

Coffee and teas are a great way to get your energy kick without destroying your health. If you are not a coffee drinker, Green, White, Chia and Oolong are caffeinated teas that may appeal to your taste buds a little more. You can often find convenient tea bags that you can steep in a warm cup of water, making for a quick and tasty pick-me up!

Keep healthy alternatives handy.

Avoid buying and keeping sodas in the house or at your work desk. Instead keep a pitcher of your favorite low-cal flavored drink in the fridge at home or opt for a case of water at your work desk.

Stay busy.

Drinking soda just like drinking water has and can become a habit. So stay busy with projects, work, errands, hobbies, family events and other life-giving opportunities so that you cannot remotely give your OLD habit any thought!

Measure your success.

Dropping the soda habit for good and replacing it with a low or no calorie healthier substitute has many measurable benefits including weight loss, increased energy, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar and more. By committing to tracking your efforts especially in the beginning, you may begin to notice the positive changes that are happening in your life and health! Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!


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